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DC Air Cooler 12/24V DC 007 with ByPass Valve

EHP-DC cooler drive by Dc motor ,it is divided into two categories of 12V and 24V motor and mainly used in the cooling of industrial gear box、hydraulic system 、 marine drilling platform、wind power generation、coal mine etc. Aluminum cooler‘s maximum cooling capacity is 30KW at ETD 40℃。Our software and engineers can help you to choose the correct and economical cooler.
Products Features:
Dc motor cooler’s maximum dynamic operating pressure is 14bar and maximum static operating pressure is 21bar.The cooler is drive by 12V and 24V DC motor. DC motor drive type cooler ‘s design is compact, and convenient, it select the low noise and imported integrated fan-motor to drive. This cooler control motor’s speed by the oil temperature ,it is a green environmental protection new product and it is help to extend the service life of motor. Please contact us under the special voltageand environment.
Installation size
The cooling capacity curves are base on ETD 40℃.For example,the cooler‘s inlet oil temperature is 60℃,the air temperature is 20℃,the ETD is 40℃。

Performance curve
 1kw=860kcal
 Cooling capacity: Cooling capacity at ETD 40℃
 Consumed power will change when voltage change, this curve
is base on DC12V and DC24V
 Motor type:standard is Air suction type,IP68.F class, in
accordance with CE.
 Medium:Mineral oil ,in accordance with DIN 51524,For
other medium, please contact EHP.
 Noise value is base on distance of 1m and just supply
reference. Because it is easy to be affected by ambient
environment、viscosity and reflection etc.

Pressure drop curve
Our EHP-DC cooler, driven by a DC motor, is available in two categories - 12V and 24V - and is primarily used for cooling industrial gearboxes, hydraulic systems, marine drilling platforms, wind power generation, coal mines, and similar applications. Made of aluminum, our DC cooler has a maximum cooling capacity of 30KW at ETD 40℃. Our experienced engineers and software are available to assist you in selecting the most suitable and cost-effective cooler for your needs.
Products Features:
Our DC motor cooler has a maximum dynamic operating pressure of 14bar and a maximum static operating pressure of 21bar. The DC motor cooler is compact, convenient, and driven by low-noise, imported integrated fan-motors. Its speed is controlled by oil temperature, making it an eco-friendly and energy-efficient product that extends the lifespan of your motor. The cooler is available in 12V and 24V DC motors, and is designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments. Please contact us for customized solutions that meet your specific voltage and environmental needs.
Installation Size:
Installation size
Cooling Capacity Curves:
Cooling capacity curves
The cooling capacity curves are based on ETD 40℃. For example, if the cooler's inlet oil temperature is 60℃, and the air temperature is 20℃, the ETD will be 40℃.
Performance Curve:
The performance curve shows the relationship between cooling capacity, power consumption, and voltage for our standard air suction-type DC motor cooler with IP68 protection class and F-class insulation in compliance with CE regulations. The medium used is mineral oil, in accordance with DIN 51524. Noise values are provided as a reference, based on a distance of 1m and may be influenced by ambient factors such as viscosity, reflection, and temperature. Please note that consumed power may vary based on voltage and other factors not accounted for in the performance curve.

Pressure Drop Curve:
Pressure drop curve
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