Excavator Smart Control System

Through the combination of the modern automatic control theory and sensor detection technology, the intelligent cylinder is applied to the attitude detection of excavator, so as to achieve the target of working area limitation, mining torque limitation and intelligent operation.
The excavator will be promoted from semi-automation to full-automation, towards the trend of remote operation and unmanned driving.


• Through the combination of the modern automatic control theory and sensor detection technology, the intelligent cylinder is applied to the attitude detection of excavator, so as to achieve the target of working area limitation, mining torque limitation and intelligent operation.
• Vehicle power supply optimization management, improve vehicle performance.
• Expand wifi function, 5G, total current monitoring function, temperature warning function module can directly communicate with mobile phone APP.
• Based on on-site WiFi and Bluetooth technology, realize keyless start, remote door lock, operation setting, etc.


Truck Crane Control System


• It can realize the function of 1600 tons load torque limiter.

• Real-time record overload data, up to 100,000 data records.

• Flip through the 1000 page load sheet.

• Select working conditions intelligently according to fuzzy configuration.

• Alighting leg automatic leveling function.

• Transmission control and parameter acquisition.

• Oil-gas suspension system.

• Luffing, expansion, winch control.

• Rotary table rotation control.

• Height limit control.

• Vehicle self-diagnosis function.


Crawler Crane Wireless Zoom System


• Wireless zoom control.

• Wireless zoom image transmission.

• 30x optical zoom.

• Video storage and playback.

Truck-Mounted Crane Electric Control System


• Provides the virtual wall function.

• Intelligent fault diagnosis.

• Support remote control.

• Reduce after-sales service costs.

• Improve operation safety.

• Remote program update.

• Cloud platform real-time data upload.

Crawler Crane Control System


Real-time record overload data, up to 100,000 data records.

Flip through the 1000 page load sheet.

It can select working conditions intelligently according to fuzzy configuration.

Sensor parameters acquisition and force limiter program operation.

Rotary table rotation control.

Height limit control.

Luffing, winch control.

Vehicle self-diagnosis function.

Crane Remote Control System


High-resolution speech recognition.

Completely secure policies.

The operation delay is less than 0.1 seconds, which can reach the operation response level of the vehicle.

Video transmission is less than 0.2 seconds, and the operator cannot feel the delay.

Device parameters 100% upload.

The 8-channel blue-ray video signal completely covers the whole scene, and the lifting parts can be observed from multiple perspectives to completely reproduce the driving perspective.

The standard Ethernet communication architecture is adopted except the bus of the vehicle, which can be seamlessly integrated into various networks.

Forklift Collision Warning System

AI forklift anti-collision warning system, can customize the distance between people and vehicles, set two alarm areas. Drivers and warehouse personnel do not need to wear identification card, once there are obstacles or personnel into the dangerous area, drivers can get a dynamic collision warning, so as to effectively improve the safety of forklift handling.






• At present, the market is a separate host to control, we can integrate the host control function in the display, save cost and space.
• Real-time detection, real-time alarm. AI accurate identification of false alarms and omissions. Multi-effect management of pedestrian monitoring and alarm and driver behavior monitoring.
• Compared with the ordinary reversing radar, the ultra-wide-angle camera has a wider range and can recognize the ultra-long distance. The identification distance is adjustable to 10 meters, which is longer than the detection range of radar.


Electric Control System of Slurry Sealing Truck



Through friendly man-machine interface for operation, instead of the old console operation mode.


Automatic management of aggregate, emulsified asphalt, additive ratio.


All kinds of sensors transmit vehicle information to the controller to achieve accurate PWM control.


Fully automated man-machine operation greatly reduces vehicle staffing, as well as personnel safety issues.

Grader Steering Control System

Mine grader is a special classification of grader because of the use of the environment. It mainly used in the open pit mine for leveling the mine road surface, cleaning gravel and slag. Compared with bulldozer and loader, it is flexible, efficient and comfortable to operate.
As auxiliary equipment of mine, mine grader plays an indispensable role. In the economic cost, the smooth road surface will undoubtedly reduce the wear of equipment, prolong the life of equipment; In terms of efficiency, the smooth road surface can improve the running speed of equipment, reduce the failure rate of equipment and improve productivity.



• The joystick is the control module. According to different modes and functions, it is divided into left, mid, and right units. In open-loop steering mode, it is the steering direction and speed control signal of the front wheel. In closed-loop steering mode, it is the front wheel position control signal.

• Closed-loop mode and open-loop mode.

• The cylinder displacement sensor calculates the front wheel Angle by collecting data and structural parameters and has different functions according to different modes.

• Controller control core unit, signal acquisition, CANbus communication, control output, and logic operation.

• Pressure sensor, acquisition of steering system pressure, for status monitoring, alarm prompts, emergency steering.

Steering solenoid valve, through the controller PWM control steering.

Complete CAN control steering system.

Body condition signal monitoring.


Grader Load Analysis System

A grader is an earthmoving machine that uses a scraper to shape and prepare the ground. Power is provided through the engine and gearbox, mainly rear-wheel drive, and the hydraulic system implements the working device action. It is a kind of high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, and multi-purpose earthmoving engineering machinery. It is also widely used in roads, airports, and other large areas of ground leveling operations.


• The pressure sensor collects the pressure of the hydraulic pump and is installed at the pressure measuring point at the outlet of the hydraulic pump.

• I/O module collects pressure sensor signals and transmits to the display.

• Monitor receives pressure data and calibrates, receives solenoid valve current of the electronic control system, data analysis and processing, data recording black box function.

• Can do deep functional substitution.

• High cost performance.

Grader Laser Leveling System

A grader is an earthmoving machine that uses a scraper to shape and ground grading. Between front and rear axles scraper in machinery, lifting, tilt, rotation and overhanging multidimensional movement. It is widely used in construction of embankment and slope, digging ditches. It can also be used for large area farmland forest or flat, trenching, pavement mixture, stir cleaning snow, transporting the grain materials, as well as the dirt and gravel road maintenance.


• Rotation Angle compensation function.

• Automatic lift scraper function.

• Material cost reduction.

• High flexibility and fast response.

• Strong scalability.

Excavator Electric System



• The vehicle safety is improved, the combination of modern automatic control theory and sensor detection technology, the intelligent cylinder is applied to the attitude detection of excavator, to achieve the goal of working area limitation, mining torque limitation and intelligent operation.
• The logic of input and output ports can be flexibly configured, and the current of output ports can be feed back to the display in real time through CAN bus.
• The module can communicate directly with the mobile APP.
• 5G high-speed communication technology allows operators long-distanced remote control. Providing new solutions for dangerous area operations, rescue, and intelligent mine construction.
• On-site WiFi and Bluetooth technology, keyless start system, remote door lock, operation habit setting, etc., to improve user experience.
• Compact size, real-time vehicle data monitoring.


Excavator Weighing System

Accurate load


• The standard payload function can be weighed on the run to accurately achieve the target load each time, which can reduce load time, optimize load efficiency, and improve productivity in the field.

• Bucket payload and truck cumulative payload weight can be easily viewed on a touchscreen monitor.

• When the load exceeds the limit, an alarm is sounded.



Improve productivity


It can be weighed during driving, and the real-time effective load estimate can be obtained without turning, so as to achieve an accurate target loading volume and improve loading efficiency.

• Target loads can be easily monitored from the cab, allowing operators to concentrate on loading the truck at all times.

• Static weighing helps you quickly measure the payload while the machine is still, allowing you to weigh objects efficiently.

• Calibration can be done in a short time.



Reduce the cost


• Without guesswork, operators can accurately achieve the target load every time, allowing working with confidence and saving costs.

• Reduce underload, overload, and load cycles without round-trip weighing, thus saving material handling costs.

• Trucks can be loaded to optimal payloads and move more materials.

• Helps operators of all experience levels improve consistency.


Loader Locking System



• The loader can be locked remotely when the vehicle data is abnormal.
• Locking throttle or locking startup, the function is optional.
• The command of locking the loader and data uploading is stable and reliable.
• It can be operated on a computer or mobile phone.


Loader Weighing System



• High precision, high product reliability.
• Sound and light alarm.
• With data storage function, high system stability.
• Low cost.


Truck-Mounted Force Limit System


• Modularization Design, easy for follow-up maintenance.

• Fault diagnosis and monitoring.

• Wireless remote control, safety, comfort, convenience, and reliability have been improved.

• Intelligent identification, monitoring, status monitoring, and equipment management, to achieve "supervision, management, control, operation," equipment life cycle management and service.

Crawler Crane Mobile App


• Keyless Start/Stop button.

• Control crawler forward and backward.

• Control the contraction of the four legs of the chassis.

• Real-time monitoring of vehicle operation.

• Reduced manufacturing and maintenance costs, controlled by mobile APP.

• Improve the operating environment, operators can choose a safe angle, avoid poor visibility, or heavy pollution operation position.

• Improve work efficiency, operator independent judgment & accuracy.

Crawler Crane Force Limit System


• Integration of a large number of extended functions.

• With modularization design, to reduce the development cost and LT, and improve system reliability.

• Through fault diagnosis and human-computer interaction, service cost and time can be effectively reduced.

• With a black box function, automatic record of dangerous working conditions.

• With a unique lifting algorithm, and lifting precision can meet the national standard.

Smart Wireless Debugging System


• Reduced the manpower or unmanned.

• Debugging is automation and standardization.

• Debugging data is automatically recorded and reported.

• Multiple concurrent debugging, automatic collision prevention.

Tower Crane Remote Control System


• Reduce the labor intensity of staff climbing the tower.

• Reduce personnel safety accidents in operation.

• Better operation view, high accuracy.

• The operating data, such as the location, status, and operating ratio of the device, is displayed clearly.

• Real-time working condition video transmission, to create a smart site without a blind angle.

360° Panoramic View System


• 360° panoramic display.

• Forward or reverse gear, reverse track real-time display.

• Eliminate blind spots and improve operation safety.

• Dynamic driving track guidance.

• More comfortable driving experience environment.

• Clear and realistic 3D images.

Tower Crane Safety Control System


• Suitable for all kinds of tower crane systems.

• Judge the running attitude of the tower crane, give early warning and control for dangerous operation.

• Monitor torque, wind speed, and tilt angle to ensure construction safety.

• Multimedia information such as video and audio can be transmitted in real-time.

• Record the whole process of data to provide data support for the operation state analysis at any time.

• Intelligent and quick to provide a variety of data statistical analysis reports for easy supervision and management.

• Support users to design early warning parameters, suitable for all sites.

• Anti-collision system.

• Independent system can realize security control.

• Tower crane cluster can realize network control.

Crane Outrigger Control System


• Hand-held remote control system allows simple and convenient remote operation.

• Real-time display of vehicle attitude to ensure safe operation.

• Configure emergency buttons to ensure system stability.

• High cost performance.

• Optimize human-computer interaction to improve operator experience.


Paver Control System


• Speed and steering control.

• Leveling control.

• Screw sorting control.

• Feeding scraper control.

• Vibration control.

• Auxiliary control.

• Heating control.

Road Roller Automatic Driving System


• Unmanned vehicle autopilot system realizes the functions of start-up, stop, adding and reducing gear, acceleration, and deceleration.

• RTK technology for high precision vehicle positioning.

• Automatic vehicle path planning.

• Obstacle detection and planning.

• Hydraulic automatic steering system.

• Remote control platform can monitor multiple equipments in real time.

• High-speed CPU, FOC vector control.

Synchronous Pavement Surface Vehicles



• Distributed I/O control, greatly reducing wiring harness and reducing faults.

• Port self-diagnosis, which makes it easier to troubleshoot problems.

• Current closed-loop and speed closed-loop, which is more accurate and stable to control the pump speed.


Pavement Maintenance Machine



• Distributed I/O control, greatly reduces wiring harness and reduces failures.
• Simple operation and low learning cost.
• Flexible configuration, I/O modules can be added or reduced to realize the control system of different models.


Loader Control System


• Operating device control: action drive, safety protection, intelligent compound action, shock absorption and operating limit, leveling.

• Fault diagnosis system.

• Data security monitoring.

• Auxiliary function control: wiper, water spray control, cooling fan reversing and speed regulation.

• Transmission control and condition monitoring.

• Video surveillance: reversing image display.

Electric Loader Control System


• High integration: Central Integrated controller, precise control, rapid response. Multi-in-one high-voltage distribution module, energy-saving and high efficient.

• Strong power: Double permanent magnet synchronous motor system, high efficiency and energy-saving.

• Excellent battery life: Equipped with a large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, double gun charging, can be fully charged in 1 to 1.5 hours. The battery has its own heating and cooling system, which can ensure the best working temperature of the battery in real-time and help to ensure the battery life.

• Extremely reliable: The whole machine and the battery are equipped with a high-power cooling system, independent control, good heat dissipation, and real-time adjustment to maintain the battery, motor, hydraulic, and other working temperatures to ensure the best operating state of the system. Meanwhile, the electronic fan has the functions of positive and negative rotation to prevent dust accumulation.

• New design instrument: Multi-dimensional HD display, real-time data and fault information present. Simplified operation.

• Intelligent control: Controller performs process data analysis, matching, and intelligent learning according to the feedback signals from the electrical feedback system to take relevant response actions. Application scenarios can reach all over the world.

Electric Forklift System


• Online programming, calibration, monitoring, and downloading.

• Automatic error information alarm.

• Motor parameters self-identification and temperature compensation technology.

• Optimal flux control and minimum power control.

• Electrode short circuit protection and motor phase sequence protection.

• Hardware and software overload and overcurrent protection.

• Integrated CAN2.0B and RS485 interface.

• High-speed CPU, vector control.

Crane Electric Drive System

Straight Arm Aerial Work Platform

All variable valves are controlled by the controller output PWM signal. Other sensors as digital input control PWM signal and indicating signal output by PLC in a safe range to achieve various automatic functions.



• CAN equipment management: Vehicle applies CANbus communication mode which saves the amount of cables on both top and bottom vehicle, reduces the weight of the arm, and provides convenience for installation and maintenance.

• OTA deep penetration: The HY model system covers the sensor layer, and the whole vehicle digital products can be OTA.

• Remote maintenance: Fast and efficient maintenance.

• Intelligent debugging.


Scissors Type Aerial Work Platform

Scissors type aerial work platform can realize platform, chassis two-way walking and lifting, high and low-speed control function, with protection function and height, weight monitoring and feedback function. The ECU and PCU of the system are equipped with large display screens, which can display the speed, height, weight, and other information in real time. It is convenient to operate, safe, and reliable, which greatly increases the system adaptation.



• Platform, chassis two-way walking and lifting, high and low-speed control function.

• Pothole, anti-clamp, limit position protection, and other protective functions.

• Height & Weight real-time monitoring.


Folding Hybrid Boom Aerial Work Platform

All variable valves are controlled by the controller output PWM signal. Other sensors as digital input control PWM signal and indicating signal output by PLC in a safe range to achieve various automatic functions.



• CAN equipment management: Vehicle applies CANbus communication mode which saves the amount of cables on both top and bottom vehicle, reduces the weight of the arm, and provides convenience for installation and maintenance.

• OTA deep penetration: Smart Control's Model system can cover controllers, sensors, and button panels and so on. The entire vehicle's digital products can achieve OTA function.

• Remote maintenance: There is a fast and efficient way to achieve maintenance.

• Smart debugging.


Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Work Platform

All variable valves are controlled by the controller output PWM signal. Other sensors as digital input control PWM signal and indicating signal output by PLC in a safe range to achieve various automatic functions.



• CAN equipment management: Vehicle applies CANbus communication mode which saves the amount of cables on both top and bottom vehicle, reduces the weight of the arm, and provides convenience for installation and maintenance.

• OTA deep penetration: Smart Control’s Model system can cover controllers, sensors, and button panels and so on. The entire vehicle's digital products can achieve OTA function.

• Remote maintenance: A fast and efficient way to repair.

• Smart debugging.


Tractor Control System


Whole vehicle circuit and control system fault diagnosis, intelligent prompt.

Integrated force/position tillage depth control.

Comprehensive matching of power and gear to reduce slip rate.

Support autopilot system.

Silicone button panel to improve the cab grade.

Harvester Control System


Intelligent man-machine interface, automatic video and audio control.

Operation statistics and other intelligent control.

Platform remote management, data statistics, information customer service.

Entire vehicle circuit and control system fault diagnosis, intelligent prompt.

Electric Hydraulic Lift System of Tractor


Panel design, which is easy for installation and also reliable.

Simple maintenance, even if the panel failure indicator lights up, it doesn't affect the continued cultivation.

Modular design, easy for maintenance.

The system is suitable for 80~180 horsepower tractors.

Tractor power supply includes: 12V, 24V, wide voltage design 9~ 36V.

Tractor pump quantitative pump configuration, displacement: 20ml/r~35ml/r.

Lifting cylinder: single acting oil cylinder, double acting oil cylinder.

Reach Stacker Control System




• Integrated weighing and printing system can record 5000 pcs data.
• Parameters acquisition and operating status display.
• Amplitude and expansion control.
• Spreader control.

Vehicle circuit self-diagnosis function.
• 4 Channels of video display.
Display integrated Bluetooth, Radio & Entertainment function.



Telescopic Boom Forklift Electric Control System

The electronic control system of telescopic boom forklift truck supports vehicle information and fault display, integrates video surveillance, increases face recognition, and improves the sense of science and technology with one-button start. Vehicle intelligent control management, safe and reliable, electrical optimization, cancel the electric control cabinet. The system simplifies the cab layout and has a wider field of vision. Support OTA remote vehicle upgrade program and APP vehicle-vehicle interconnection. The system can be used in farm, forest farm, stone factory material handling, also can be used in loading and unloading vehicles.



• Vehicle driving control:Lifting Arm forward & backward,steering control.

• Boom amplitude and contraction: control boom amplitude and contraction.

• Fork pitch control: Fork pitch control can process goods lift up and stack.

• Face recognition system, Engine Start/Stop Button.

• Remote monitoring, deep OTA: real-time weight measurement information, safety alarm vehicle intelligence.


Control System of Excavating Suction Truck

The electronic control system of excavating suction truck can realize the functions of motion control, real-time information monitoring, remote control etc. Human-computer interaction interface is more efficient and effective for troubleshooting. The system can be applied to vehicle control in the field of fire fighting truck.




• Motion control: chassis, boom, vacuum pumping and other auxiliary controls.

• Real-time monitoring of information: real-time monitoring of information from sensors, switches, etc.

• Black box: Stores information for normal operations, abnormal operations and alarms.

• Remote control function: Remote manual operation of engine, arm, cabin, water pump and vacuum pump.

• Video monitoring: HD video, real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment during operation.

Dust Suppression Vehicle Electric Control System

The dust suppression vehicle electronic control system adopts a new UI interface display which integrates control & support system, data monitoring functions. Enhances operating efficiency & user experience.



• System simplification: Reduce complicated components to realize control functions through integrated modules.

• System diagnosis: Power management module integrates logic control, relays, line protection and self-diagnosis.

• Data monitoring: Integrated display of instrument, animation and information alarm.

• Simplified operations: enhance productivity and enhance user experience.

• Remote upgrade: Save after-sales service cost.



Compressed Garbage Truck Electric Control System

Electronic control system of garbage compression vehicle can realize remote control, support interlock between key panel and emitter, avoid logic confusion, resulting in misoperation. Indicator light real-time indication status, display alarm, which applies CANbus communication to save wire harness, has greatly improved the intelligence of equipment.




• Point control: to achieve the bucket, skateboard, scraper, push plate, filling and other actions.

• Indicator monitoring: The indicator on the panel monitors whether the action reaches the limit position.

• Emergency stop: Press the emergency stop button to stop all actions.

• Panel interlock: interlock is formed between cab panel, rear panel and remote control to avoid misoperation.

• Operating Cycle: The cycle functions can be customized according to customer requirements.


Sweeper Truck Electric Control System

The electric control system of the sweeper integrates alarm, video monitoring and status monitoring. It has a high degree of integration, which is conducive to the expansion of data interconnection and intelligent management. It has rich functions, intelligent, convenient and safe operation.



• Intelligent screen: Display operation parameters, video images, voice alarm. Support GPS, 4G, WIFI, which could achieve remote program upgrade, interconnection, data sharing functions.

• Controller relay box two-in-one: The relay module and the controller are integrated into a two-in-one module, which is concise and exquisite and could save the cost.

• Simply structure design, high level of integration.

• Rich functions.

• High level of protection.

• Intelligent, convenient and safe operation.

• Vehicle information can be interconnected, convenient background management.


Rotary Drilling Rig Control System


Depth detection and control.

High precision throttle control system.

Construction engineering data detection, record and query display.

Intelligent fault diagnosis and historical data recording.

GPS lock and unlock system.

Engine monitoring and management system.

Anti - tilt, anti - idle rod function.

Aircraft Deicing Vehicle Electric Control System


•  It has two sets of aerial operation devices, upper operation and lower operation, which is convenient and safe to operate.
•  Adopts programmable controller and other control technology, the operation is very convenient and the interface is really friendly to users.
•  The design of deicing driving mode, while carrying out high altitude operation, the vehicle could drive slowly and smoothly, which is really convenient and safe.
•  Real-time data sharing and communication of getting on, getting off and command center are realized, which improves operation efficiency and safety of equipment.
•  The electronic control system of the equipment is convenient, quick in operation and has low cost.

Mining Truck Control System

The mining truck electronic control system realizes the unification of bicycle intelligence and production big data, and adopts comprehensive management. It can assess driver behavior, improve vehicle utilization, monitor vehicle data online in real time, and improve work efficiency.




It realizes the unification of vehicle intelligence and production data, comprehensive management, and intelligent scheduling:

• Video surveillance; real-time monitoring of driver behavior
• Intelligent reminder of vehicle maintenance and repair, online alarm and timely report of accident, timely maintenance,statistical maintenance data to propose improvement plans
• Monitor vehicle map positioning, fuel consumption, loading, travel kilometers, trip statistics, and historical trajectories
• Transparency, fairness of personnel and vehicle performance
• Intelligent dispatching improves the utilization rate of people, vehicles and excavators, realizes emergency takeover and real-time voice intercom, which could reduce the cost of operation.

Rock Jumbo Electric Control System

The electric control system of rock drilling jumbo can realize precise hole drilling and positioning functions, the system is more intelligent, multi-functional, sound stability, strong compatibility, the operation safety is greatly enhanced,while enhancing efficiency and reducing damage to the equipment, the wiring harness is easy to check, which has lowered the difficulties for maintenance.




• Precise drilling and positioning: fully computer controlled drilling system, automatic positioning and drilling, precise control of propulsion beam Angle and hole depth, small overcutting.

• Precise drilling and positioning: fully computer controlled drilling system, automatic positioning and drilling, precise control of propulsion beam Angle and hole depth.
• Advanced geological analysis: detect pressure, drilling speed and drill pipe rotation speed and other parameters during construction, analyze and restore geological conditions, and optimize blasting plan.
• Highly penetrated information : automatically record and store drilling logs to provide theoretical basis for later optimization and upgrade.
• Strong adaptability: real-time monitoring of vehicle data, data analysis and processing, automatic adjustment of parameters, so that it can operate stably on different occasions.
• Simple and easy to check: there is no terminal row for the whole vehicle wiring harness, wiring harness is all directly connected, which is really clear.

Timber Control System

Logging machine mainly consists of two parts: bottom car and nose. Both can be equipped with electronic control systems that support video surveillance, data comparison and analysis, location tracking, real-time vehicle conditions, and touch control. The optimized design based on the system makes the operation more convenient, and the connection between the nose and the cab is also simplified. The system is equipped with automatic material return function, which improves the system accuracy.


• Video monitoring: 720P HD camera to assist the clamping work, and the pressure sensor together to determine whether the clamping is tight, improve operation safety.

• Data comparison and analysis: Save single cutting data and cumulative cutting data for user statistical analysis in later period.

• Location tracking: support GPS/ Beidou accurate location and historical track query.

• Real-time vehicle condition: real-time monitoring of vehicle operation and real-time warning of alarm state.

Scrap Handler Electric Control System

The mechanical and electrical control system can realize the functions of grab rotation, grab and release, boom bucket bar control and car rotation on the grab machine, and monitor the real-time vehicle conditions. Video monitoring equipment is configured to monitor the rear of the grab machine and the grab operation area. The system can be used in sand factory, forest farm, scrap iron yard and so on.



• Rotary grab: to grasp and stack materials.

• Boom bucket rod control: control boom bucket rod.

• Rotary: to realize the rotary of the grasping machine and realize the operation in different directions.

• Real-time vehicle condition: real-time monitoring of vehicle operation, real-time warning of alarm status, remote monitoring, remote program upgrade.

• Video monitoring record: video monitoring of the rear of the grabbing machine and the working area of the grab.

• System modular design, through the bus link, wire harness more optimized.

• Intelligent system diagnosis, better maintainability.

• Program cloud management, system remote OTA upgrade.

• Monitor integration, optimize layout.


Fire Truck Control System


A variety of leg working mode safety protection.

Quick warning and safety control.

Black box Function.

Secure virtual wall Settings.

Dynamic display of working status.

Support database, convenient data management.

Open Wagon Alignment System


Positioning accuracy: 2.5cm.

Strong disturbance rejection capability.

High degree of information integration.

High degree of automation.

System interconnection.

Automatic control of loading and unloading containers.

Fracturing Truck Electric Control System

The electric control system of fracturing truck adopts highly integrated modular design, has rich wireless communication and supports open system platform.




• Man-machine interface interaction and data exchange with controller.

• Integration: regulated power supply for electric control system, circuit insurance, I/O port, relays.

• Wireless communication terminal: wireless data exchange between single machine data and instrument vehicle,Implement local and remote data exchange.

• Gateway module: integrated 4G, GPS, CAN, Ethernet.

• Highly integrated.

• Rich wireless communications.

• Open system platform.

Rail Vehicle Control System


Engine speed regulation.

Transmission travel and low constant speed function.

Overspeed protection.

Walk data recording and fault recording functions.

Fault diagnosis and alarm function.

Brake cylinder pressure protection function.

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