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AC Air Cooler 380V AC 007 w/o ByPass Valve

Our EHP-AC cooler is an exceptional industrial cooling solution that is driven by an AC motor. With its outstanding performance, it is ideal for cooling industrial gearboxes, hydraulic systems, marine drilling platforms, wind power generation, coal mines, and other similar applications. The EHP-AC cooler is available in two categories - single-phase and three-phase AC motor - to meet your specific needs. Made of aluminum, it provides a maximum cooling capacity of 160KW at ETD 40℃, making it a reliable and efficient option for your cooling requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and software is available to help you select the right and most economical cooler for your industrial application.
Products Features:
Our AC motor cooler is engineered to provide exceptional performance in the toughest industrial environments. With a maximum dynamic operating pressure of 14bar and a maximum static operating pressure of 21bar, it is built to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. The cooler is available in single-phase and three-phase AC motors with various voltage and frequency options, such as 380V 50HZ, 440V 60HZ, and custom voltage. Please contact us for customized solutions that meet your specific voltage and environmental needs.
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