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Offline Cooling 380V AC 033 with ByPass Valve

The EHP-OC cooler is driven by an AC motor and features an integrated circulation pump, which allows for offline cooling and separate treatment of the oil. This cooler is primarily used for industrial gear boxes, hydraulic systems, marine drilling platforms, and wind power generation. The integrated cooler can achieve a maximum cooling capacity of 46KW at ETD 40℃, while the cooler and pump separated can achieve a maximum cooling capacity of 160KW at ETD 40℃. Our team of software and engineering experts are available to assist you in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective cooler for your specific needs.
Products Features:
The EHP-OC cooler is a high-performance cooling system driven by a three-phase AC motor. With a maximum dynamic operating pressure of 14bar and a maximum static operating pressure of 21bar, it is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The motor's voltage and frequency are available in various options, including 380V 50HZ, 440V 60HZ, and custom voltage to meet specific needs. This motor cooler has a unique design that saves space by integrating the oil pump, motor, and fan into one. The integration creates an independent offline cooling circuit that avoids the lash from system returning oil. Additionally, the cooling unit can also install a filter to form a cooling transition system. The EHP-OC cooler is particularly useful for applications with limited space. Our team of software and engineers is always ready to assist clients in selecting the correct and economical cooler for their specific needs. Please contact us for any special voltage and environment requirements.
Technical specification
Installation size
Technical specification
Cooling Medium:
EHP-OC uses synthetic, vegetable, and mineral oil that are designed according to DIN51524. The maximum temperature of the oil is 100℃, and the viscosity is less than 100cst.
Maximum Pressure:
The maximum negative pressure of the connection between the inlet line and the booster oil well pump is 0.4. The maximum pressure of the pump's suction side is 0.5bar.
Working Pressure:
The maximum working pressure is 10bar. The distance between the pump's inlet and liquid level should not exceed 0.5m, best located below the surface of the liquid (maximum 5m).
Pump House/Matrix: Aluminum
Fan Blades/Hub: Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene/Aluminum
Fan Housing: Steel
Fan Guard: Steel
Other Parts: Steel
Surface Treatment: Electrostatic ally power
*The AC motor capacity is based on the appointed motor's calculation at the maximum working pressure 6bar, oil viscosity 125cst, frequency 50HZ, and the maximum working pressure 4bar, oil viscosity 125cst, frequency 50HZ. If you need a more powerful motor, please contact us to choose a suitable one.
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